Our Clients Testimonials

“Since we applied division of labour within the sales team, customer service reps are allowed to work only with existing customers while active sales people are restricted to process only pro-active sales tasks. Division of labour is a necessary condition to increase salesforce performance, and I’m happy we made this shift. After we’ve build a sales factory inside our company, my sales team succeeded to increase export sales by 4 times within 2 years. Now uncertainty and variability in the sales function is completely controlled likewise in other business processes: engineering, production or supply.”

Dainius Greblikas

CEO, Ventmatika UAB

“Rifas, UAB was among innovators in our market who replaced traditional sales model with high-throughput model designed and managed in a Theory of Constraints way:
– we’ve applied non-constrained resources to continuously generate sales opportunities by scheduling face-to-face meetings with our potential customers across Europe and Asia;
– we’ve standardised the opportunity management process so as to maximise the return of face-to-face meetings and increase conversion rates;
– sales commissions were eliminated in order to enable team cooperate in subordination to the sales process constraint;
– Throughput Accounting was applied to pricing that allowed to use different pricing strategies for customer acquisition in different markets,
– as a result, a significant increases in Company Throughput was recorder while Operating Expenses and Investment remained on the same level.”

Aidas Šetikas

CEO, Rifas UAB

“By applying TOC and Lean methods over the last 15 years, Artilux NMF has been growing constantly year by year:
– Throughput Accounting allows to focus management attention and employees’ efforts on making money now and in the future,
– Drum-Buffer-Rope in production scheduling and Dynamic Buffer method in inventory management enables to guarantee 6-10 days lead time within Europe for MTS items,
– Kaizen encourages workers to continuously improve operations that results in thousands of hours of saved time in the bottle-neck resources,
– so called the Sales Factory (standardisation of sales processes and division of labour by separating hunters and farmers) results in significant increase in sales team productivity.”

Rimantas Damanskis

CEO, Artilux NMF

“Being a major and largest centre for exhibitions and congresses in the Baltic States we organise ~20 international exhibitions each year with total ~3,000 participants. The business model creates huge variability and peaks in customer service that have direct impact on customer satisfaction and future sales. By implementing flow-centric approach with complete division of labour, we’ve succeeded to maximise the throughput of order delivery process without extra costs. All our commitments to the customers are now managed in the flow, we can easily identify a jumping bottle-neck, decrease waste at it, and in most cases take preventive actions to off-load capacity constrained resources before they become a bottle-neck. Improvements resulted in decrease of order lead time and increase in overall customer satisfaction.”

Mindaugas Rutkauskas

CEO, Litexpo